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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Larry David

The first episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s new web series is here, and of course his first guest is Larry David. 

11 things I learned from the first episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:

  1. Whenever you talk about something happening, it’s always 5 years ago.
  2. Larry David doesn’t like hot food for lunch, so he usually has a salad and a protein shake, which he buys at a store.
  3. Volkswagon makes Bugattis. 
  4. A real spit take does not happen often.
  5. One of the reasons Larry got divorced is that he switched from coffee to tea.
  6. Jerry doesn’t like pancakes as much when they’re cold, even though heat doesn’t have any flavor.
  7. Binging for Larry means half a bag of cashews, for Jerry it could be 6 slices of pizza.
  8. Whatever crazy idea Larry pitched for Seinfeld, Jerry would say “OK” and they would put it on TV.
  9. Larry used to smoke a cigar after lunch during Seinfeld and give out sage advice.
  10. Someone smoking a cigar is in no hurry, but someone smoking a cigarette is rushed.
  11. Larry still wears briefs, but Jerry switched to boxer briefs.

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